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 The Rules (Must read before joining)

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PostSubject: The Rules (Must read before joining)   Sun Jun 21, 2015 4:00 am

Do not Join until you've read all of the rules and consequences to them:

Respect Everyone- Yes this is a rule. Just treat people the way you'd like to be treated. If you are on here to troll, harass, or threaten anyone on here you will be gone no questions Asked.

Consequence: Immediate Ban. (Can never join again)

No Pornagraphy/Hentai- No pictures are to be posted that contain full nudity. I do not want to see it. I'm sure no one else does either.

Consequence: I will take the picture down and message you.

Don't cuss a lot.- Freedom of Speech doesn't follow Vulgar language. Ink Hearts is a clean environment. I will know when you cuss a lot so please refrain from it.

Consequence: Post/topic will be removed. Accuser will be suspended for three days.

Do not God Mode- This is big. God Mode is when your character is pretty much invincible. It's not fair and can be annoying. So if there is a fighting scene let the other character counter. Plus the other writer will most likely quit the rp.

Consequence: I will take the RP down if I am messaged and the problem is not fixed.

If an RP is Mature state it in the title or First Page- This is important. if there are scenes (Bloody/sexual/etc.) A person may not be interested in reading it. So give a fair warning.

Consequence: I'll ask that you state it, if not the rp will be deleted forever.

Don't Spam- Do not spam at all or advertise. No one cares and I will take it down and ban you if that is all you are here for.

Keep Roleplays on the Right Boards
-  Everything has it's own category. If I have missed one then tell me so I can add the category. Yuri will be with yuri. Sci-fi stays with sci-fi. But if a rp is a fantasy rp but based off a anime Ex: Naruto it will be put in Fanfiction. And if it is Fanfiction but yuri, or yaoi Put it in the yuri or yaoi section.
(This is to ensure the comfort of all users so please follow it isn't hard!)

Consequence: I'll move the topic to the appropriate spot but if it keeps happening the topics will start getting deleted.

No Incest
- I will not tolerate it. Unless ofcourse it's an actual anime or what not. but anything else it's a no.

Consequence: Topic will be removed.


Suspension: You will not be allowed to log on for a set number of days.

No Membership: I will take your membership away, but you will be allowed to join again. Just know you will have to start all over.

Banned: That's it! You're gone. And you can not rejoin. Unless I unban you.

=These are rules for a reason this is a friendly site and I want to keep it that way.=

*Warning!* *Warning!* If you will be gone for a long period of time, Report it in the topic; Report an Absense. This way your account is not deleted. Any user who is unactive for six months is deleted to keep our database clean. Thank you. This isn't a rule, but if you want to keep your account then it is highly recommended that you do this.
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The Rules (Must read before joining)
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