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 Chatbox Rules

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PostSubject: Chatbox Rules   Sun Jun 21, 2015 11:53 pm

I've decided to keep a chatbox so everyone can get to become friends or just goof around whatever the case just like Ink Hearts there are rules to it! But don't worry they shouldn't be difficult to follow.

1.) No harassing/insulting people. Whether it's there sexuality, race, religion, or anything else. Bullying is not tolerated and I take it very seriously. So you have been warned.

2.) Try not to cuss too much. This is a site for all ages so I'd like it to stay as appropriate as possible.

3.) No vulgar language at all. In case you do not know what this means, it's words like Dick. Pussy. Just typing that felt gross. So keep it out of the chatbox. This also goes for words that are offensive such as the 'N' word or it's slander "Nigga" just don't say it.

4.) No Porn or Hentai. And no Links to it. I won't allow it.

5.) Do not share your personal information with anyone on chatbox. Like your phone number, address, work address...etc...etc. Everyone has access to the Chatbox history if you don't want everyone to know that info then do not share it. At least message and seriously think about it.

6.) Don't attack eachother on the chatbox. If you have problems, leave. and if it continues then tell me or a moderator. We will solve the issue.

-Now if these rules are broken you will be banned from the chatbox for a set amount of days. But if it keeps happening you will be banned forever.-

I do not want to ban anyone from chat box and Ink Hearts but this is a friendly environment and it will stay this way. Thank you for reading and I know this won't be hard to follow. If it does however the chatbox will be removed permanently.
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Chatbox Rules
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